Friday, 19 June 2009

Riverside Park the location for business

Eveining Gazette Article

Riverside Park is growing and is nearing full occupancy to be the second largest employment zone in Middlesbrough.

The reasons that so many companies are selecting Riverside Park as a location are clear. It is close to the town centre, adjacent to the flagship Middlehaven development and has an established infrastructure. Middlesbrough Council is committed to creating the right environment for business through a number of targeted initiatives.

What's been happening?

Improvements to the area have included the introduction of new contemporary lighting, various environmental improvements and the introduction of CCTV within the core area of Riverside Park. These Fund, Sport England, Groundwork improvements are being extended to the boundary with Greater Middlehaven. This has all been made possible with funding from the Tees Valley Partnership Single Programme, European Regional Development South Tees and contributions from Middlesbrough Council, of over £3 million.

Who's involved?

An active business forum have been heavily involved in deciding the new image for the estate which also sees the adoption of the Riverside Park logo. This logo will soon be seen on the entrance banner drums, which will be installed over the coming months.

What's being done about transport?

Access improvements are forthcoming, with a highway improvement scheme of £11 million due to be completed over the next few years, which will include a direct access road to Riverside Park.

On your bike

Middlesbrough's section of the Eight Bridges Cycleway is now complete. Not only is this an excellent alternative route to work, but the cycleway also provides sustainable healthy links to a number of watersports related facilities along this section of the river, that provide opportunities for participation in activities such as sailing, sailboarding, rowing, white water rafting, water skiing etc.

The 17-kilometre route enables cyclists, walkers and people with disabilities to gain access to the River Tees to celebrate the river, with fine views of the historic Transporter and Newport Bridges as well as more modern crossings such as the Tees Barrage.

How much further will the current funding go?

The final stages of the current regeneration projects include the installation of contemporary signage, further environmental improvements and the renaissance of Teessaurus Park. There is also grant funding available for businesses within the Greater Riverside Park area for external improvements.

The future

An action plan for Riverside Park is being prepared to continue to secure financial support to transform the area into one of Middlesbrough's most desirable out-of-town sites.
To date, occupancy has increased by over 25pc and many new developments are in the pipeline. However, there are still a wide variety of units and a mix of development sites available.

* For further information or for business support and advice, please contact Middlesbrough Council on 01642 729007.

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