Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Do It By Cycle... The Riverside Route

Riverside loop - taken from Do It By Cycle.

1) Starting at the Transporter Bridge, head West on the off road cycle path along Vulcan street.

2) Turn right onto the cycle track upon reaching Teesasaurus Park.

3) Follow the cycle path West, running parallel to the River Tees. This stretch of cycle way continues for approximately 1-½ miles.

4) Upon reaching Newport Bridge, turn and head back towards Middlesbrough centre following the diversion signs currently in use. In the future, there will be cycle paths installed parallel to the railway track using the newly installed section of path heading towards Riverside park

5) Once at Riverside Park Road, cross over the railway bridge with the spiral decent, and along to Marsh Road. On Marsh Road, take the cycle path on the left, which goes under Metz Bridge. 6) Leave the cycle path, and return back onto Marsh Road, leading to Station Street and then to Zetland Road, which passes Middlesbrough train station.

7) At the traffic lights at the end of Zetland Road, turn right onto Albert Road and head into Middlesbrough Town Centre.

8) Follow Albert Road under the A66 flyover and past Middlesborough Town Hall. Just after the Town Hall, take the cycle route on the left, which goes through Central Square. MIMA is situated in Central Square, along with Central Library, Middlesbrough Crown Courts, and the infamous bottle of notes sculpture.

9) After passing through Central square, turn left on to Bright Street, and cross Marton road using the Toucan Crossing point. Follow Cargo Fleet Road, heading toward France Street Car Park, and use the brightly coloured A66 underpass, back onto Cargo Fleet Road after crossing the railway track.

10) Use the sloped bridge to gain access to Shepherdson way. Once on Shepherdson way, head North towards The Riverside Stadium.

11) Head past the Stadium, and over the bridge towards Scotts Road. Stay on Scotts Road until reaching Middlesbrough College, where you take a right turn onto Vulcan Street. Follow Vulcan Street back to the Transporter Bridge.

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